At Tax Alternatives, we can assist our clients in preparing the following types of tax returns:

  • Form 1040 – Individual Income Tax Returns
  • Form 1120 – Corporate Income Tax Returns filing as a C-Corporation
  • Form 1120 S – Corporate Income Tax Returns filing as a S-Corporation
  • Form 1065 – Partnership Income Tax Returns
  • Form 1040ES – Estimated Payments for Form 1040
  • Form 1041 – Estate Income Tax Returns
  • Form 990 – Non-Profit Income Tax Returns
  • All State Income Tax Returns

Why should I have Tax Alternatives prepare my tax returns when I can get the tax software and prepare the return myself?

  • Our staff is up to date on all of the latest tax laws. We use this experience to maximize all possible deductions and credits for our clients. When meeting with new clients, it is not uncommon for us to review their prior tax returns and find deductions that were overlooked.

What types of deductions does Tax Alternatives take for their clients?

  • While every tax return is different, we do not take any deductions that cannot be backed up in the tax code.

What do you need to prepare my taxes?

  • In general, we would want to see the following:
    1. A copy of your prior year tax return
    2. Documents pertaining to the tax return that we are preparing
  • Based on this information, our staff may ask additional questions to ensure that we can provide you with a complete return. However, we prepare tax returns based on the information provided and without audit.

Why would I need help with making my estimated payments, Form 1040ES?

  • Failure to do so will mean the IRS could assess underpayment penalties and interest on the amount owed.
    We can work with you to make sure those estimates are an accurate reflection of tax owed for a given period.

Can you electronically file my individual income tax return?

  • Yes, we can electronically file your individual income taxes. We can have your refund directly deposited into your bank account usually within fourteen days.

Why should I come to Tax Alternatives rather than one of the large commercial tax preparation services?

  • Tax Alternatives is a year round tax service. That means, if you have a question about something regarding your taxes in the past or in the future, all it takes is a simple call to our office. We cherish the relationships we have with our clients and want them to ask us before they make a decision that might negatively impact their taxes in the future.